I want to take time and say what a blessed weekend i had.  No no…i didn’t play soccer with Fernando Torres…well not yet at least =) Gosh…what the heck 2-1 Tottenham come back ditching Liverpool to its first defeat of the season.  It’s okay…it’ll be okay.  Anyway………

Yes what a blessed weekend it was.  I’ve been reminded gently again about having God as my partner, having Jesus as the Vine and how really me, as a branch, needs to remain in the vine.  I’ve heard about this point for so many times, but somehow it settled well and gently in my heart on Saturday.  During lunch, I was reading John Maxwell’s book on Leadership, and he points out through the story of Joseph how it’s like when you have a divine partnership.  Yeah seriously, let’s imagine for a minute that you own a soccer club, and these players want to partner up with you: John Terry, Nesta, Ronaldinho, Torres, Gerrard, Kaka, and so on (I purposely avoid partnership with Christian Ronaldo =P )  What a great team it would be, BUT Divine partnership is way way way greater than this metaphor.  And, on that saturday evening we had a gathering in which Riko, a great servant leader and communicator, happened to point out strongly about the Vine and the Branch (John 15).

Personal reflection, i got too overwhelmed many times by information, ideas, thoughts racing through my head.  Freak seriously my head feels like exploding sometimes.  I have this tendency where i like to prepare and learn as much as i can for my growth.  However, i overlook how i should go about my preparation.  It’s time to slow down a bit and let God be God.  Relax boy!

I am fond of this quote: “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”  I’ll take a liberty to add on this quote, “Make sure you have a right partner in the preparation.”

God Bless you all, God Bless Domus Cordis, and God Bless Liverpool.

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